100% Cotton Gauze Fabrics (Grey & Bleached):

Tailored for hospital use, available in Grey and Bleached varieties.

Exported to the European market with diverse options in size, construction, and GSM (20 GSM to 100 GSM).

Supplied in full width, cut, and folded forms, ready for packaging and sterilization by the customer.

Our European customers handle the final stages of packaging and sterilization for hospitals, with a primary focus on France.

Fire-Resistant, Waterproof, and Antibacterial Tent Fabrics:

Manufactured with 100% cotton bleached fabrics, chemically coated for enhanced performance.

Options for blends with synthetic fibers are available for specific requirements.

These fabrics are tailored for use in making military tents, mobile hospitals, festival events, family gatherings, and more.

The primary market for these specialty fabrics is Italy.

Cheese Cloth & Tea Bag Fabric:

Produced in different constructions according to the end use. Mainly supplied by us to France.

Produced from 100% cotton, adhering to European norms (EN 14079/2003) and European pharmacopoeia standards.

Ensured compliance with the norms required for medical and food-grade use.